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Monday, 11 March 2013


Here Websavvy is nothing but a little functional understanding of various web technologies in order to use them for your blog. For becoming a blogger one neednot to be a programmar ,but he muse understand some basic things ,these basic things are called websavvy. There are many basic things that include these -



3.RSS/syndication networking engines engine optimization (SEO) rank viewers

9.unique visitors

10.promoting of sites

11.feed aggregators


13.back links


15.full vs. partial feeds carnivals


18.contextual advertising

19.affiliate programs

20.traffic statistics

plugins, e-commerce, SSL, paypal and many more things....

By looking at the list you will be saying that we already know some of them.Well thats true, this is called our websavvy. It is likely that I might have missed many other basic things but if you can get the basic knowledge of above 20 then you should start preparation to create a blog because you will be able to understand the rest of things as you come in contact with google search, You can read this post of mine on how to create a blog step by step guide. If you want to sell something on your site then you would like to add a paypal link to your blog. For ebooks, you must add e-commerce. Well ,you can hire someone to work for you if you don't understand nothing about programming, But in that case you will have to trust your partner. So it is better if get to know soe basics about programming so that you will be in better control of your site than you previously were.
If you don't know anything about a particular web technology, for example SEO, then you will not get as much traffic as you can, in case of knowing SEO and you may not be able to increase your paypal or bank balance. So whenever you come across a new technology, just type that in google or yahoo and try to understand the basics of that and get to know the way you can use it for your blog.As it is said “A jack of all trades is a master of none.” But you also have to remember that you have to just understand the basics ,you need not to completely master in that thing and waste the valuable time. There is a big difference in being Human able to drive a car and becoming an auto mechanic. Little things like giving a title name to a post are very important things for SEO as well as impressing the visitors to read the whole article. Once you get an experienced blogger then this thing won't take much time. An average blogger takes upto only 60 seconds to title a page.These things come with experience,so be patient until and unless you become successful  and remember you will have to balance both you and your readers needs. As you will be looking to make money and the readers will be looking to find a great content.